Bollywood Nights Theme

Your Bollywood Themed Party Planners

d parties help bring lots of colour and vibrancy to a themed party. With India growing as a more appealing tourist destination, its cultures, history and traditions are now much more understood and provide an exciting chance for guests to dress up in colourful saris for fancy dress, dance to Bollywood dance music, eat Indian-inspired cuisine and watch eye-catching traditional performances from different parts of Asia.

Bollywood Inspired Entertainment

All our authentic performers have been handpicked throughout the country and are regularly used at events Nationwide. After specifying in the most unique events Nationwide for over 3 years we have devised performances completely unique in the industry such as the “Bollywood Dhol show” where 2 performers will first come out to greet the guests with large dhol drums playing a catchy beat. Once our drummers have the attention of your guests they will carry on playing the drums while walking side-by-side towards the dance-floor. Upon arriving at the dance-floor they will make a dramatic end to the drums before a surprise flash mob of Bollywood dancers will come out and perform a choreographed performance to the live drums and to music for your guests to enjoy and admire. Other themed entertainment includes henna artists, live indian folk singers, Indian head masseuse, shisha lounge and snake charmers.

Your Bollywood Decor

The Bollywood theme is provided using draped fabrics to form a majestic entrance into a Raj inspired tent/marquee or Indian Bazaar room. The furnishings include lots of low seating furniture topped off with Indian style cushions and either handcrafted Indian tables or low shiny brass tables holding incense sticks to give off a relaxed aroma. Centrepieces for dining tables can include LED lit ice statues of Hindu gods such as Ganesh, Shiva and Hanuman.


Mr Flavour always go that extra way to add little details to add to your event that no other company consider. Some of our signature touches include custom cocktail shishas served in fresh fruits with sparklers which can be alcoholic and non alcoholic, a custom fireworks display themed to your Alice in Wonderland event, bespoke cake designed to whatever you would like and a video of your event to capture all the exciting fantasy action to give you memories forever of your personal Bollywood party. Your Mr Flavour Bollywood can include:

  • Dhol Players
  • Indian DJ & Music
  • Bollywood Dancers
  • Henna Artist & Indian Head Masseuse
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Bollywood Bar
  • Shisha Lounge
  • Premium Indian Catering
Bollywood Nights Theme
Bollywood Nights Theme
Bollywood Nights Theme
Bollywood Nights Theme
Bollywood Nights Theme
Bollywood Nights Theme

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