Wedding Cocktails

Cosmopolitan Zesting
Dry Ice Martini
S'mores Martini

Wedding Cocktails

Planning your wedding?  Want something different?  Looking to add that personal touch to your wedding day?  Mr Flavour has created a new drinks range specific to our wedding couples.  Our concept is to create a range of personalised drinks and present them as your guests have never seen before...whether its dessert cocktails, liquid canapés or bespoke cocktails...Its your wedding day!  Why should you have the ordinary on such a special day?

Mr Flavour offer a range of different cocktail packages from cocktail drop offs for your cocktail reception to full mobile bar hire.  Heres why Mr Flavour is a must at your wedding!  We aid with:

  • What type of bar hire you require
  • What type of bar staff you require
  • What type of cocktails you require
  • Organise a cocktail/drinks tasting for you
  • What types of liquid canapes you require
  • Organise a liquid canape tasting for you

Wedding Branded Bars

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Bespoke Cocktails

Speak to our team today to design you bespoke cocktails for your wedding.  Options with cocktails doesn't have to be the usual mojito and cosmopolitan.  Why not have a dessert cocktail to finish off your main for all your guests?  Here we have a flamin' smore's martini consisting of a vodka chocolate base, melted chocolate and biscuit garnish finished off with toasted marshmellows!

Smores Roasting
Caviar & Champagne Cocktail

Champagne Cocktails

A generic champagne reception?  I don' t think so!  We have designed creme de cassis caviar to go into your champagne of choice creating a visually stunning kir royale champagne cocktail!

Dessert Cocktails

The perfect alternative to a dessert at your wedding dinner.  The dessert cocktails are a great choice for wedding cocktails for two reasons:

  1. It sweetens your guests palate before getting onto the dancefloor
  2. It contains alcohol to set the tone for what happens after dinner!
Infused Foam Mixology
Blackberry Bramble Canapes

Liquid Canapes

Unique to Mr Flavour, we have created a range of alcoholic canapes for your special day.  Check out our jellification canapes such as our blackberry gin brambles (left) or our alcoholic caviars and mojito spheres (right)

Mr Flavour Events are specialists in creating special wedding drinks.  Brand your bar for your wedding, and options for your wedding include cocktail receptions, cocktail canapes, cocktail staffing solutions, liquid canapes and much more

See what we can create for you and let your personality out on your drinks at your wedding today!