Themed Events

Themed Events

Mr Flavour Events specialise in hosting themed events tailored to different styles, sizes and locations Nationwide.  Our team specialise in creating bespoke entertainment for each event using a combination of your ideas and our innovative performers ideas, our in-house chef's to create a menu to match the theme chosen by yourself by using the relevant colours, designing the food to look like aspects from your theme and our Alchemists to create unique cocktails that are original and eyecatching for your event. Using our team of experienced themed event planners, we create original concepts for your themed event based on your budget, location and event requirements.  Our event ethos is based on a 3 step principle:-


Step 1: Event Planning: Before any event can occur it is critical we understand what is important to you with regards to the event.  For example it's someones birthday and it has to be a special day for them.  That allows us to tailor every aspect of the event towards these factors and pitch ideas to you that target those key factors for your event.

Step 2: Event Monitoring: Once the team has grasped all the key factors to your event, we use regular weekly meetings with our entertainers, caterers and drinks teams to relay the key points of the event and start to comprise an exact agenda of your event.

Step 3: Event Completion:  The biggest part to pulling off a flawless event is comprehensive planning.  This is important so you know you can enjoy your party without any last minute hiccups.  The team make this happen by creating a detailed event timeline of every aspect of your event from when the marquee is arriving to when the cleaners are coming in!


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