• Henna Artists

    Henna Artists

    Taking this age old Asian tradition into the 21st century, our supremely…

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  • Christmas Parties

    Christmas Parties

      Contact us today to discuss your Christmas party and let the…

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  • Photobooth


    Mr Flavour Photobooths are fully bespoke to each event.  Usual photobooths tend…

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  • Themed Entertainment Shows

    Themed Entertainment Shows

    Themed Entertainment Shows - Mr Flavour Events is where our professional team choreograph…

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  • Silks Aerialist

    Silks Aerialist

    Stunning visual for any event.  Mr Flavour's silks aerialist can be customised…

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  • Living Statues

    Living Statues

    Mr Flavour's Living statues provide a great visual and twist on decor…

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  • Human Tables

    Human Tables

    Human Tables are an innovative twist on champagne receptions or serving canapes…

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  • Bollywood Dancers

    Bollywood Dancers

    Bollywood Dancers - Mr Flavour Events:- Our Dancers provide lots of energy,…

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  • Firework Display

    Firework Display

    A stunning visual perfect for any kind of event, we use the…

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  • Stilts


    The Mr Flavour Stilt show can be customised to each event and…

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  • Glow Bot

    Glow Bot

    The glowbot is a highly visual entertainment form for any event.  Standing…

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  • Contortionist


    Bending their bodies into inhumane positions, the Mr Flavour contortionists will leave…

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  • Sychronised Fire Show

    Sychronised Fire Show

    The most specatcular show we offer!  Our synchronised fire show fits any…

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  • Hosts & Hostesses

    Hosts & Hostesses

    Hosts & Hostesses are key to any themed event.  They are your…

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