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10th Apr, 17


‘The Art Of Mixology”


Today’s blog is designed to introduce our passion for mixology and an in-depth description into mixology, the different techniques of mixology and what options are available to clients. First of all what is…

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Smoothie Bar Hire

7th Apr, 17

‘In Fruit & Veg We Trust!’


Smoothies – the evolution of quick nutrient intake.  Over the last few years the ‘fit foods’ industry has blossomed with supermarkets stocking numerous shelves of healthy alternatives to snacks, carbonated drinks, lunches and…

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Wedding Bar Hire

5th Apr, 17

‘Wedding Drinks Differently’ 


As we approach wedding season for another year, we have decided to do a blog tailored specifically to wedding drinks, wedding packages and what drink options brides & grooms have for their weddings nationwide.  Every year…

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Mobile Bar Hire

27th Mar, 17

‘Innovators of Liquid Solutions For Events Nationwide’ 


Mr Flavour specialise in creating that visual touch to your evening.  With drinks setting the tone to any event, our team blending…

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