Ice Cream Bars

Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar Hire

Ice Cream Bars

Our latest edition to our bars line and one we are very excited about, Mr Flavour’s liquid nitrogen ice cream bar hire packages allow you to watch your ice cream be created in 3 easy steps:

1. 1. Choose your cream & your ingredients mix

2. 1. Watch it freeze in 30 seconds in -210°C nitrogen

3. Pick your ice cream garnishes & sauces

This incredibly visual display allows guests and corporate clients a unique experience in watching their ice cream created in a smoking captivating environment behind our reinforced nitrogen bars and is perfect for experiential marketing campagins, weddings & private event celebrations. Our nitrogen bars don’t just have to be used to create ice cream, other options include:

Frozen Marshmallows with hot sauces
Frozen Popcorn with hot sauces
Frozen Fruit to create a fizzy sensation
Frozen alcoholic cocktails
Frozen sorbets

Contact us today to discuss your event and ideas for your desserts!

What comes in a nitrogen ice cream bar hire?

Your nitrogen ice cream bar hire package includes everything you need to wow your guests by adding that unique factor, your package includes: (Packages start from £800)

Full LED lit reinforced nitrogen bar (with branding if required)
2 Mr Flavour nitrogenics
Ice Cream Menu of 4
All stock for garnishes/sauces/ice cream mixtures
Full Ice cream tubs (branding if required) / Sundae Glasswear
Full Events Setup
Events Insurance
Full Cleanup

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