Molecular Mixology Events

Molecular Mixology Events

Molecular Caviar

As the events business has grown and become more elaborate, companies & clients are always looking at 'wow-ing' their guests through a method of different ways including decor, entertainment, theming their event & other factors.  But the one factor that hasn't changed in centuries of events is the emphasis on Food & Drink to run a successful event.

Whether its King Henry VIII's exquisite banquets & fine wine buffets to the modern day Royal couple's wedding, the presentation of food and drink is vital.  Guests have become accustomed to food served in diverse ways and the evolution of food service from 3 course meals to canapés to bowl foods.  The latest trend in the presentation of food is using molecular gastronomy.  Molecular gastronomy is the transformation of physical and chemical properties of ingredients.  Scientific methods allow food to transform into foams, flash freezing, spheres, caviar, jelly and much more.

The techniques natural succession was to drinks.  The technology known as molecular mixology is the process of creating cocktails using molecular gastronomy techniques.  The methods create a variety of flavours and intensities of liqueurs or juices allowing flavour combinations and different ways to present a cocktail.


In this blog we are going to concentrate on one technique of molecular mixology events - reverse spherification.  Due to the complexity and time required to create molecular mixology cocktails no events company offer this unique presentation and complex options like Mr Flavour.  The reverse spherification technique consists of submering a liquor or cocktail into a calcium lactate solution then placing in an sodium alginate bath.  The final result is a 'skin' forming around liquid creating a sphere shape cocktail.  Here are some example spheres that have been created for events previously:-

Molecular Mixology - Orange & Mango Spheres

Orange & Mango Smoothie Spheres

Designed for a conference break, these great juice bursts provided instant energy to improve energy, concentration and motivation for a large corporate conference.

JellyBean Martini Spheres

Designed by our mixologists as an idea for a clients 21st birthday party.  They provided a unique drinks reception with these vodka based cocktails to set the tempo for the evening

JellyBean Molecular Mixology Spheres
2015-10-07 12.38.24

Fruit Cocktail & Basil Seed Spheres

Served as a mouth cleanser, these spheres were created to clean the palate before moving onto the next course for a formal gala dinner.

Strawberry & Chocolate shavings Spheres

Mini Desserts, these fresh strawberries with chocolate shavings provided a great sweetener as a mini dessert.

Molecular Strawberry Spoons

Mr Flavour are specialists in molecular mixology events Nationwide.  Call us today to discuss which molecular mixology techniques you would like to be used in your event and how you would like your drinks to be served at your event!

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