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Bespoke Cocktails Hire

Mr Flavour prides itself on providing revolutionary drinks to events Nationwide. We are constantly innovating using the latest cocktail and chef techniques to present drinks in unique ways.

Techniques we currently use include:

Molecular Mixology – derived from food gastronomy we use chemicals to change the structure of liquids to foams, spheres, infused airs & much more.

Dry Ice Infusions – Serving Martini’s chilled with dry ice pellets to serve martinis smoking and instantly chilled to tables.

Alcoholic Dessert Cocktails – Name you favourite dessert and see us infuse it into a yummy cocktail version twist.

Jellification Canapes – We take your favourite cocktails, jellify them and serve them as a canape alternative.

Nitros Frozen Cocktails – Liquid Nitrogen is cold enough to freeze alcohol, allowing us to create alcoholic ice creams or frozen cocktails

Themed Cocktails – Having hosted themed events Nationwide, our talented team create bespoke options to separate your drinks from any other event and tie them in to your themed event.

Our Bespoke Cocktails

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